I am selling Scentsy :)

Scentsy I am selling Scentsy now. If you are interested in HOSTING a Party, or taking my Scent Basket and doing a BASKET Party. Please Let me know!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

BEYONCE`... To the Left To the Left :-)

I am so stoked!!! My sisters, Mom, friend Deidre, my Mom's friend and daughter are ALL going to LA to see BEYONCE!!!
My sisters and I have always promised each other, if Beyonce comes to concert WE GO.. NOT MATTER WHAT!! and WE ARE!! I am soooooo ExCiTeD! I can't wait! We found AMAZING tickets, amazing air fare and amazing hotel deals! 4 Days in LA.. AHHHhhhhhh CAN'T WAIT :-) As soon as we go I will be posting some pics for sure!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wyoming... I'm lovin it!

We are in Wyoming now, have been for about 3 weeks.

We LOVE it! I am so happy that we decided to move.
It was deffinately the right thing for us to do.

Everything that we have decided to do has just worked out. It seems like we are absolutely destined to be here. Kyler and his Preschool, Korbin and his Day Care, me and my working, Bryon and his job, Our home, the vehicle situation for my husband & most of all our DWINDLING debt!! It is so nice being here. There are no stop lights! If its supposed to take you 5 minutes to get there, it does!

I would also like to tell my husband how freakin amazing he is! I absolutely can't wait to spend all of lives little moments with you!! I love you with all of my heart! You and I both know that we were destined to be together. We have truely found our other half! It feels so good to know that we have found True Love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOW am I exhausted!

Well here we are one week until we move! I am so anxious, excited, overwhelmed, fussy, nervous, and so sick of moving already!
Bry has been working up there since the beginning of April. He works 10 days on... then has 5 days off! Those 10 days feel like 10 years, especially when I am home with the kids 24/7 AND not to mention I am doing ALL of the packing!
I am about ready to pull out ALL of my hair. Not just a little of it- ALL of it!
I am so sick of Kyler and his 3 year old ways that I could scream!
He is so rude to Korbin and he deliberately disobeys me ALL of the time! I am so tired. I have tried to stay strong and pretend like I can do it all..... but I am starting to think that I CAN'T!

I hate calling friends and family to say.... I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND.. CAN YOU TAKE MY KIDS!! Cause I feel like I am pauning them off onto them... and I HATE that! ( sorry about the venting)
I would love it if someone would come and get them for me for like a WEEK..ahhhhh that would be sooo nice! No kids for a week! Must be nice! There is no way that a mom could go and work for 10 days and the hubby stay home with the kids day in and day out! They would call us like 3 hours into out first day and say the famous last words....WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME??

Ok can you tell that I am a little stressed. Sorry about the venting.. thanks for listening!!! :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wyoming here we come....AGAIN!!!


My husband got an amazing job offer back up in Wyoming. He is going to be working in the Oil Field as a pumper. We are so thrilled, cause the money that he will be making he would NEVER be able to make down here at his job. We are so thankful for the opportunity to make more money when there are so many out there that are loosing their jobs. Don't know what we are doing right to be so blessed, but I won't argue!
We can't believe that we have been down here for the last 3 years already and that we are going back to Wyoming. We are going to be moving to Big Piney instead of Evanston this time. Big Piney is this little, tiny tiny, itty bitty town-- population 600 (give or take a couple of people) It is considered to be the Ice Box of the nation........................ A.K.A FREAKING FREEZING!!

It is 3 hours from Ogden, so it isn't that bad of a drive.

WE are so excited. For us CHANGE IS GOOD!!

I am really sad to leave everything that I have down here... I was the Director for Miss Roy and I had to give it up to someone else so that we could make our venture to WYO. I am going to miss all of my Hair & Nail clients from down here. I have built such amazing relationships and friendships with each and every one of them!!! You all will be missed.
When we get up there I will be working in a Salon up there though. I love to do hair & nails way too much. I wouldn't be able to NOT do it anymore!
Ok its not like I am moving to TIM BUCK TO... but pretty close. hahaha
I will still be coming down to visit and I will still have my BLOG and FACEBOOK to keep in touch with everyone. So don't get too excited.. you can't get rid of me that easily :)
I am excited for the Boys to grow up in a SMALL town. There will be so much more for them to so up there... better hunting, fishing, loads of land to bike and 4 wheel.. you know all of the MANLY things that guys do! ALso we are going to buy ALOT of land and build our own house here in the next year or 2. ALSO.. our goal is to be absolutely DEBT FREE~~~

WE CAN'T WAIT! Big Piney here we come!

Friday, March 20, 2009

If any of you are interested please let me know. I love Hosting Party's and we do a new thing called a Basket Party.... its where you take a Basket of all of the Scents and you don't have to have a party. You can take em to work, friends houses, neighbors..etc!! It is a really nice way to get Free items without having a Party.

Please leave a comment with your email address if you are interested and I will get in touch with you and figure which Party works out best for you!!! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm getting too OLD for this

I had the opportunity to go to a DANCE WORKSHOP where some of the Dancers from So You Think You Can Dance where the teachers!! It was so awesome......
The day started out with the introductions of the professionals.. TWITCH, GEV & KATEE!!!!
We split into GROUPS there were 3 groups young, not too young, and FrEaKiN OLD!! hahaha
Ok not really but there were 3 Groups and I was in the Advanced Pro ( I think that I was thinking that I used to be) It totally kicked my butt!
Gev was our groups first teacher.. His dance was a really fun slow Hip Hop Dance. That was a really fun dance!
Then we split for lunch. By that time I was ready for a NAP!! :)
As I was there and we had only been dancing for about 2 hours I realized
I'm getting way too OLD for this!!
When Lunch was done we came back to our room and KATEE taught us her dance! For those of you who know me I am a DANCE- A -HOLIC!!! So to be in the same room as KATEE was FaBuLoUsLy AMAZING! Her dance was amazing. I love her Contemporary Style. I just stared at her for the first little while thinking.. is this for real?!?!
So after Katee's class the last one in was TWITCH! He is the freakin Bomb Diggity!! He has the cutest personality and not to mention he is adorable! His class was this fun Thrashy hard core HIP HOP. I LOVE Hip Hop. It was such a great Dance~
So now the day is over and I am ready to fall down and DIE!!
What an amazing experience. I miss Dance sooooo much. I am so HAPPY that they offer these types of classes for us OLD folk to be able to feed out DANCE addictions!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a BeaUtiFul DaY!!!!

I am loving the weather! We took full advantage of it! Played for hours in the sun. I am sooo sick of keeping the kids cooped up in the House! I am going crazy for some space and I know that they were too. We had so much fun. Korbin was loving ll of the room that he had with his walker and Kyler had fun riding his bike and playing with his monster truck!!
I am so ready for the SpRinG!