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Saturday, June 20, 2009

BEYONCE`... To the Left To the Left :-)

I am so stoked!!! My sisters, Mom, friend Deidre, my Mom's friend and daughter are ALL going to LA to see BEYONCE!!!
My sisters and I have always promised each other, if Beyonce comes to concert WE GO.. NOT MATTER WHAT!! and WE ARE!! I am soooooo ExCiTeD! I can't wait! We found AMAZING tickets, amazing air fare and amazing hotel deals! 4 Days in LA.. AHHHhhhhhh CAN'T WAIT :-) As soon as we go I will be posting some pics for sure!!


Dave + Michele said...

Lucky girl! Looks like your liking your new place. Have fun in LA!

Nye Family said...

WOW!!! I am so jealous. I hope you girls have so much fun. I know Kaylee will. We had our little guy on Father's Day.

The Provence Family said...

I need an update on Beyonce.... I am sure it was amazing.

Jake said...

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