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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Decorating... yeah!!

We had such a fun time today decorating PUMPKINS!!!

Bryon's is the Cat and mine is the Witch ( his is much better than mine. I hate to admit it!) We have so much fun together! We went bowling this morning with my family cause Kyle was home for the weekend and then came home and decorated the Pumpkins. We also had Kyler do one his is a Spider that is made from pegs ( like the Light Brite pegs.. from when we were younger) Its cool but we don't have a picture of it because we didn't have any batteries for the flash light that goes in it.
Last year our, ok well my pumkin decorating was a disaster!!!! I was carving my pumpkin and... 3 hours later i finished I was sooo proud of my Frankenstein. So I walked into my room and put the tea lights in it and came in to show my hubby and I tripped over one of Kylers toys..... NOOOOooooOOOOoooo!!!!

The pumpkin flew out of my hands, flew through the air and S P L A T!!! All over my kitchen floor! It was a pumpkin decorating day that I will never forget!!!

Here is Kyler displaying them for us

Here is Bryon's

Here is mine


The Weaver's said...

Cute pumpkins! I love Halloween time!

The Provence Family said...

Kyler is so cute!!! I was excited to see that your mom had a blog but it was short lived. Tell her really good effort a year ago.

Josh and Nikki said...

Mandy cute blog... I didn't know you had a different blog address I keep checking your old one! Your kids are so cute and getting so big.

Brian Family said...

Cute pumpkins! I am super impressed!

Kami said...

Cute blog! So funny that you found my blog. Such a small world! Your boys are so stinking cute!

Denise said...

Mandy, I'm so glad you found me on Facebook & that you blog too! Your family is adorable! I'm looking forward to getting in touch again.