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Monday, November 17, 2008


I am OBSESSED with CELINE DION!! Last October 2007 we heard that she was going to be coming to the Energy Solutions Arena, they said that the tickets were going on SALE In November 2007 (yes last year). SO the day that they went on sale, no the minute that they went on sale... we bought tickets!!! ( we were sitting @ the computer just waiting and counting down the mintes that we were able to buy the tickets)
So now here it is a whole year later when the concert is.. NOVEMBER 22 2008 and we just heard that the CONCERT IS POSTPONED.... POSTPONED?? Are you kidding me!!!??
I have waited a whole year and now we have to wait until Feb 22 2009!! I am so angry! We have 8 people going and we were all not too excited about the news!!! But there isn't anything that we can do about it! So anyways... we have to wait till Feb to hear that
I went when she was in VEGAS!! She is UNREAL! My cute Hubby suprised me with tickets back in 2004! When she came out on stage I cried.. yes I said cried. I just love her!
So I was so excited to go and see her again! So when we finally are able to go to the Concert I will for sure be Bloggin!!


Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Wow, Mand, I never knew you had this obsession with Celine Dion! You are so funny!

Brian Family said...

I had no idea you love Celine Dion, she is pretty awesome! I am sorry to hear the concert got postponed though!

Sarah said...

MANDY! Hey! It's Sarah (Johnson) how are you you? You look so great! Your boys are beautiful!