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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So here we are 8 days away from Christmas and I am sooooo thankful for everything that we have! I see so many people loosing their jobs and families being torn apart from financial burdens & people loosing their homes (left & right)... and what I am the most fortunate and thankful for is my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!! I can always count on him for anything! Over the last month, I have had to get another part time job. So, on mon.. wed.. fri.. sat I work at Tanning Oasis in roy... & on tues.. thurs I do hair and nails. I have been so exhausted and soooo busy but.. I am thankful that my husband when I am working he always has the boys fed, bathed, books read and in bed before i get home... NOW THAT IS AMAZING, if I might say so myself!! We are so fortunate that we at least have jobs!!! Without mine or without his income it would be just devistating for our family!
So now with Christmas just around the corner... we are trying to help another family out! We can't do much but I would rather teach my kids that GIVING is so much more important than RECEIVING!! So hopefully with what we are able to do and with help from a couple other families.... we will help them to at least HAVE a CHRISTMAS!!! Cause as of right now... they aren't! But to me the the price of having to get your kids just about everything that they are asking for is.... OVERRATED!! We need to go back to when just a few presents under the Tree was wonderful and just being together as a FAMILY is all you need. So this year we are just getting the bare essencials and we are together... THATS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Don't take your Family and Loved ones for granted this year.... cause thats all that most of us have!!


The Smith's said...

That is awesome that your hubby takes care of the boys while you are at work! See... they can do it, they just like to act like they can't!
That is SO nice of you to do that for a family. We always get one or two angels off the tree at Melina's Restaurant in Plain City too... It does feel much better to give than receive!
We are probably just going to do movie night in our theatre room for New Years... we're being totally lame this year, with being prego and all... What about you guys?

The Provence Family said...

You hit that right on the head!!!! We couldn't agree with you more.

Sherice said...

Hey woman! Love your blog! I'm so pumped I can keep up with you here too! You are so dang cute, I am so excited we got back in touch. You are such a fun gal! Okay, I added you to my list- so you should be able to get on my blog, but if not, call me! My blog address is nicshericefam5.blogspot.com. See ya!!