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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time flies way too fast

Ok so I am like the WORST blogger ever! I really love this whole bloggin thing but I feel like you guys really don't care when I sit here and make long posts. I love going through and reading everyone else, but I feel like mine are a so boring!
So I can't believe that it is already mid January and I haven't posted anything in a long time. I have been so busy working my 2 jobs that I haven't even had time to breath!! I am trying to figure out how these weeks keep going by faster and faster every single week.
Korbin my baby will be one on Friday Jan 23rd and I am FReaKinG OUT!!!!!! I swear that I was just pregnant with him! ahhhhhhh He is growing up so fast. All of the little milestones are being reached and it is so crazy. He has 8 teeth and is crawling and getting into everything.... I have a really cute story about milestones...
I was in my bedroom upstairs and Kyler came up and said, " MOM have you ever seen baby Korbin go up the stairs?" and I looked at him like.. uhhhh NO. and he said "MOM come look"!! So i came out of my room and sure enough he had already come up 10 stairs and a plank!!! I about died. I haven't ever seen him crawl up the stairs and he surpassed all of them with like 2 more stairs left. CRazy LITtle BOy!!!!

1 comment:

Rachy Maree said...

I feel the same sometimes.

I can't believe Korbin made it so many stairs. Kids are full of surprises.

The dinosaurs look awesome. I wanted to take Corban. He would have loved it. Next time, right? :)