I am selling Scentsy :)

Scentsy I am selling Scentsy now. If you are interested in HOSTING a Party, or taking my Scent Basket and doing a BASKET Party. Please Let me know!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watch Bands..

Love these ones.. they are my favorite!!

Ones For Valentines Day

Ok... so I took on a little HobBy

I m having so much fun making them for myself, that I decided to start making more of them to sell if any of you want some!

If there is a certain color that you want let me know and I can make one for ya :)

e mail me your e mail or cell phone # and I will give you more details on the price and the colors that you want... mandygaston@yahoo.com


Sarah said...

These are great Mandy! Nice work. Do you make them for watches as well? my mom gave me one and I need a different band.

The Provence Family said...

Those are super cute!! I am not a jewelry person but I will pass it on for sure. Hope you guys are doing good! Love ya!!