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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a BeaUtiFul DaY!!!!

I am loving the weather! We took full advantage of it! Played for hours in the sun. I am sooo sick of keeping the kids cooped up in the House! I am going crazy for some space and I know that they were too. We had so much fun. Korbin was loving ll of the room that he had with his walker and Kyler had fun riding his bike and playing with his monster truck!!
I am so ready for the SpRinG!


Rick, Angie, and Bryson said...

I am completely with you! Bryson cried the other day as I took him in the house from riding his trike - he did not want to go in! It gets to them! I can handle some rain - but NO MORE SNOW PLEASE!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous! I wish we had a day like that!! I'm glad you got to enjoy it!

Taylor Garcia said...

Mandy! I didn't realize you were a blogger too :) I am so terrible at keeping it updated but I love it! I added you to my friends list to keep up to date with yours!
Your boys are too cute!!

cory, taylor, emmy said...

Hey Mandy, It was great to see you at the salon the other day, that is fun that you work there, i will see you more often..Your family is sooo cute! I got to your blog through Tasha's and linked it to mine if that is okay!?! how do you do two little boys? I can barely keep up with my daughter! Have a great week:> ps...I still want to do the dance class with misty, but have been so f***ing busy...Are you still doing it?