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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wyoming here we come....AGAIN!!!


My husband got an amazing job offer back up in Wyoming. He is going to be working in the Oil Field as a pumper. We are so thrilled, cause the money that he will be making he would NEVER be able to make down here at his job. We are so thankful for the opportunity to make more money when there are so many out there that are loosing their jobs. Don't know what we are doing right to be so blessed, but I won't argue!
We can't believe that we have been down here for the last 3 years already and that we are going back to Wyoming. We are going to be moving to Big Piney instead of Evanston this time. Big Piney is this little, tiny tiny, itty bitty town-- population 600 (give or take a couple of people) It is considered to be the Ice Box of the nation........................ A.K.A FREAKING FREEZING!!

It is 3 hours from Ogden, so it isn't that bad of a drive.

WE are so excited. For us CHANGE IS GOOD!!

I am really sad to leave everything that I have down here... I was the Director for Miss Roy and I had to give it up to someone else so that we could make our venture to WYO. I am going to miss all of my Hair & Nail clients from down here. I have built such amazing relationships and friendships with each and every one of them!!! You all will be missed.
When we get up there I will be working in a Salon up there though. I love to do hair & nails way too much. I wouldn't be able to NOT do it anymore!
Ok its not like I am moving to TIM BUCK TO... but pretty close. hahaha
I will still be coming down to visit and I will still have my BLOG and FACEBOOK to keep in touch with everyone. So don't get too excited.. you can't get rid of me that easily :)
I am excited for the Boys to grow up in a SMALL town. There will be so much more for them to so up there... better hunting, fishing, loads of land to bike and 4 wheel.. you know all of the MANLY things that guys do! ALso we are going to buy ALOT of land and build our own house here in the next year or 2. ALSO.. our goal is to be absolutely DEBT FREE~~~

WE CAN'T WAIT! Big Piney here we come!


Mahe Clan said...

Hey girl!! WoW Wyoming huh??!! Im really happy for you guys! Im glad I got to see you even though it was for a short period of time. :) And yes add me!! I added you on my friend list and didn't even freakin ask!! Sorry, but you the homegirl so its alright!! hahahaha ok well if I don't see you I'll just keep up with you on here ok.

Rick, Angie, and Bryson said...

I am excited for you guys and I am glad we got in touch before you left! Let's make sure we get together for a quick bite to eat! I sure love you and wish you all the best! Hey, and I LOVE small towns...

Brian and Cara Norris said...

OH MY GOSH!! i'm so excited for you to get here. i hope that you love living here. i sure do. it was hard at first cuz i'm not from a small town, but with a little adjusting and having a great husband i settled in well.

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

WOW...I never pictured you to be a Wyoming girl!! Sorry I couldn't make it to the yard sale...if you have a chance to take pictures of the boy stuff you have let me know. Good luck on your move!!!

Spencer and Mandy said...

Good luck! Where is Big Piney? We have some property in Wyoming. It's by Robertson, a teeny little town. I hope everything goes good for you. Congrats on your husband's job!

TJ, Bong & Kyson said...

awh that's sad that you're moving! but i'm happy that bryon was able to find a good job! i'm happy for your family! have fun in wyo!

Henry Family said...

Congrats. That is so awesome.

The Smith's said...

I admire you for being so brave about moving... I don't think I could be that far away from everything that is familiar, but I guess if it's such a small town you will become familiar pretty quick!!
Keep in touch and good luck!

Sarah said...

Best of luck in your move. I hope everything goes well for you and congrats on the job!