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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOW am I exhausted!

Well here we are one week until we move! I am so anxious, excited, overwhelmed, fussy, nervous, and so sick of moving already!
Bry has been working up there since the beginning of April. He works 10 days on... then has 5 days off! Those 10 days feel like 10 years, especially when I am home with the kids 24/7 AND not to mention I am doing ALL of the packing!
I am about ready to pull out ALL of my hair. Not just a little of it- ALL of it!
I am so sick of Kyler and his 3 year old ways that I could scream!
He is so rude to Korbin and he deliberately disobeys me ALL of the time! I am so tired. I have tried to stay strong and pretend like I can do it all..... but I am starting to think that I CAN'T!

I hate calling friends and family to say.... I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND.. CAN YOU TAKE MY KIDS!! Cause I feel like I am pauning them off onto them... and I HATE that! ( sorry about the venting)
I would love it if someone would come and get them for me for like a WEEK..ahhhhh that would be sooo nice! No kids for a week! Must be nice! There is no way that a mom could go and work for 10 days and the hubby stay home with the kids day in and day out! They would call us like 3 hours into out first day and say the famous last words....WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME??

Ok can you tell that I am a little stressed. Sorry about the venting.. thanks for listening!!! :-)


The Smith's said...

You poor thing... I hear ya with being sick of the 3 year-old attitude. Mine has one too! You must be super-mom to have all of this on your shoulders. When it's done you deserve a nice long afternoon at the spa for a massage and a pedi!!
Hang in there, good luck!!

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

You are so funny!! I can only imagine what you are going through...im sorry, if I were closer I would take them for you.

TJ, Bong & Kyson said...

oh mandy you poor thing!! i can't even imagine two kids 24/7 alone for ten days straight!!! I'm not looking forward to age three... or another kid for that fact!

Safe Candles by Scentsy said...

Welcome to the Scentsy family!

Mandy said...

I Soooooooooooo get it- you have no idea. I love when people are real. Cause damnit, I go through it ALL the time! :) I hope things are better.